Green Man Lane Decommissioning of temporary energy centre, phase three and road crossing

Following the successful completion of Packington phase 5 and 6 in 2017 for Rydon’s Construction in Islington, PPSL were awarded the contract for three work packages on the Greenman Lane development in Ealing, London.

PPSL were engaged to commence works in the design phase of the project, which involved undertaking site wide reviews of the existing system and numerous alarm visits to check the leak detection system. As we ll as attending numerous pre construction meetings on site.

Working alongside the consultants Silvers EMS and also the Rydon’s design and site team, PPSL developed a finalised route and design for the development, whilst also ensuring provision for future extensions. Once complete a full set of construction drawings were issued along with alarm drawings for final approval. PPSL also undertook the expansion and contraction design to ensure compliance with EN13941 and that the correct foam pads were installed throughout. Correctly calculated expansion and contraction is a key component of any network along with the installation of foam pads to ensure the longevity off the network.

The first of three work packages was to decommission a temporary energy centre, and install a new section of pipe to bridge the gap between the temporary energy centre and existing main distribution feed from the main energy centre. This involved the installation of Logstor series 2 single and twin pipe, including the transition between the two under a shutdown. The jointing system was the Logstor fusion welded band joint which is one of the best in the market. This joint was utilised throughout the project on the steel mains.

Phase two was to undertake a road crossing of a major road with minimal disruption to the traffic in the area. This was undertaken by completing the crossing in two halves at depths of over 2.5m in order to avoid existing services in the centre of the road to feed another highrise building opposite the development.

Phase three was to install the new mains and feeds to each building on the new development. The mains were installed in Logstor series 2 twin pipe with series 2 twin pexflextra for the building connections. Due to the building entries running over 8m into each building this was the most suitable option to avoid welds under the slab, and also allow the development to progress and the entries to be pulled through pre cast ducts at a later date. Upon completion PPSL undertook a site wide pressure test and flush to BSRIA standards in preparation for the first residents moving in.

The works were overseen by one of our London Project managers who was supported by three of our class one weld teams and two band jointing team’s, SHEQ Manager and Operations Director.

The PPSL team worked closely with the onsite team from Rydon’s and the civils contractor to ensure all works were completed on programm

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The installation of pre insulated pipess is a more complex process that many other utility services, and primarily undertaken in excavations. The very nature of these working conditions and the products means that upholding and working to audited and approved processes is always essential to ensure the projects we deliver for our clients are the highest industry standards by way of quality and H&S.