BandJoint – Fusion welded joint

PPSL are accredited and trained to install the industry leading fusion welded joints manufactured by Logstor, the band joint and also the EW joint.

PPSL are one of the few companies in the UK to have the inhouse teams and specialised vans which are equipped with on board power, weld masters and all the required clamps and equipment for fusion welded joints. We undertake all of our installations inline with EN13941 and also the manufacturers stringent standards, all our teams trained in Denmark with many years of on site experience.

The LOGSTOR BandJoint weld system has unique properties which, combined with the advanced welding machine WeldMaster, ensure that the joints have the same expected service life as the rest of the system.

Statistics from the industry show that it pays to focus on joint solutions with the same expected service life as the preinsulated components.

On BandJoint weld joints, HDPE material fuses together in the  joint and in the casing at the time of installation. This eliminates  the risk of expensive joint damage and repair during the service life of the system.

The BandJoint system consists of straight joints and branches made of material with the same quality as the outer casing. Using computer-controlled welding technology and the copper wires  embedded in the joint, the joint and the outer casing are welded together to form a continuous, unbreakable pipe with weld zones  that are stronger than the actual casing.

A: Foam and vent holes sealed with welding plugs

B: HDPE BandJoint

C:  Polyurethane (PUR) foam insulation

D: Copper wires embedded in the joint for thermoplastic welding

E: HDPE outer casing


  • Fully welded joint system for straight joints  dimension ø90 – 1400 mm casing
  • BandJoint branch  that is weldable on the main pipe and on the branch  is a double sealed shrinkable solution that can be used to connect to FlextraPipe
  • Open weld joint. The straight joint does not need to be preinstalled, which ensures effective cleaning
  • Dimensions ø355-1400 can be delivered in rolls or flat. Transport can be optimised if the joints are delivered flat
  • On dimension ø225 – 1400 mm casing the welding pressure is secured by a controlled air pressure
  • On dimension ø225 – 800 mm the same flexible pressing tool can be used for all dimensions
  • The joint and casing are welded together to form a solid and unbreakable unit
  • Welding with the LOGSTOR WeldMaster/WeldMaster Light  and using the PDA  to scan the 2D barcode on the BandJoint ensure correct configuration of the welding process
  • The PDA monitors the welding process and registers all welding data, which are uploaded directly to a web server
  • It is possible to perform a visual inspection to verify correct welding BandJoint can be supplied in long lengths for use in E-comp or to repair old systems or casing damage


Its exceptional durability makes the BandJoint system perfect for joining distribution and transmission pipelines to systems of all kinds. It is particularly suitable in installations where:


  • Access, excavation and repair would be difficult and costly
  • Any damage or leakage would have environmental consequences
  • There is a risk of considerable axial movements in the system as in solar heating systems for example
  • The pipes are more than 0.5 m below the water table
  • The pre-insulated pipes are laid in oil-contaminated soil
  • Any damage and leaks would affect a large number of users

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