Leak Detection System

It is essential that any damage to pre insulated pipes is identified as quickly as possible to prevent damage to the insulation and steel carrier pipe, damage which is left unrepaired, such as a strike by an excavator left unreported can result in what would be a small repair if done the same week, leading to larger and far more costly sections of pipework requiring repair at a later date.

PPSL would recommend installing a detector panel on all steel pre insulated projects they install ,given is can locate irregularities with remarkable precision.

Along with installing and commissioning panels, PPSL can provide a leak detection site assessments of either their own systems or those installed by others. Our teams can provide a detailed report to highlight any irregularities found including marked up drawings, this enables clients to identify potential issues on the network and rectify as required saving costs in the long term.

Our reliable detection systems guard against water penetrating the insulation. This system helps extend the service life of the pipeline and ensures that the insulation remains dry so that it maintains its high insulation properties.

Leak detection can be incorporated in all our pipe systems. Copper sensor wires are embedded in the insulation and register if the insulation becomes wet on account of a leak in the carrier pipe or damage to a joint or the outer casing.

PPSL can design complete pipe systems including leak detection, and states what equipment is required to ensure a straightforward and reliable surveillance system.

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