LOGSTOR Pre Insulated Valves

To ensure the system is fully insulated PPSL can provide a range of fully pre insulated valves with and without service vents,  for both the steel single and twin pipe systems.

The pre insulated Logstor valves can be installed at any point in the pipe system, and are installed directly in the ground during the pipe installation

The isolation valve is a maintenance free ball valve, consisting of an all welded casing and a polished stainless steel ball, fitted with spring loaded Teflon seats which make the valve water tight even at low pressures

All Logstor standard valves are with reduced passage

In addition to pre insulated valves, system will sometimes require the installation of one time valves to assists with phasing, these are sealed in joints once surplus to requirement and welded open to form part of the pipe

PPSL also operate a hot tap service which involved hot tapping valves to form new branches into the existing system without the need for shutdowns.

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