LOGSTOR PexFlextra

The service pipe in LOGSTOR PexFlextra is made of very flexible polyethylene

(PEX), featuring an EVOH membrane that prevents the diffusion of oxygen, steam and gases. The service pipe is enclosed by soft polyurethane foam insulation and protected by a corrugated outer casing.

The specifications, materials and long lengths make it easy to install LOGSTOR PexFlextra pipe even in difficult terrain. PexFlextra is the recommended solution for piping systems with continuous operating temperatures and pressures of maximum 85°C and 6 bar.

LOGSTOR PexFlextra is available in single and twin pipe configurations, and the system includes all the couplings, joints, fittings and tools needed to establish a complete pre-insulated piping network.

LOGSTOR FlextraPipe is a complete range of diffusion tight, flexible pre-insulated pipe systems for community heating projects, district heating branch pipes and sanitary water installations. The corrugated outer casing and the soft foam insulation together provide a unique degree of flexibility. LOGSTOR FlextraPipe is available with three different kinds of service pipe to meet different needs and for different uses in terms of pressure, temperature and insulation thickness. These products are named PexFlextra, AluFlextra and SaniFlextra, respectively.

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