Kings campus

The University of Edinburgh issued a contract to replace half the campuses buried heating main in conjunction with the installation of a new energy centre in December 2018. The Primary focus was to achieve the most optimum performance in heat retention and reduction in CO2 emissions.

PPSL supported FES based in Sterling with tendering to secure the works in competition with two other market leading contractors.

In October 18 FES awarded PPSL the contract to install a new 350mm heating main to half of the campus from the new energy centre, with a commencement on site programmed for the middle of December 2018.

PPSL worked with the FES Project Director and his team to develop a viable route around the campus, taking into account the existing services and expansion and contraction design. By the middle of November a PPSL design was finalised and contract drawings approved utilising Logstor steel series 3 (with diffusion barrier) and fusion welded joints. This is the premium single system product offered by Logstor with the lowest lambda values to minimum the operating costs and Co2 emissions

In addition to the above PPSL also designed a new leak detection circuit to monitor the new pipework independently to the existing system.

Materials arrived on site two weeks before the Christmas break giving PPSL to install a critical section of works that kept the client on programme moving into the new year.

Each pipe weighs almost 1000kg meaning tracking the pipe around a live campus meticulous H&S planning which was lead by the on site PPSL Project Manager and H&S Manager to ensure the lifting and manoeuvring of such large materials was carried out to the most stringent H&S guidelines at all times.

Over a 12 month period PPSL successfully installed the main leaving seven new buildings requiring moving over to the new system with minimum down time. This was carried out over three sperate weekend shifts involving 6 freezes on the existing system with the new pipes then tied into the buildings at each location.

As a result of detailed planning by our project team and input from technical, a range of challenges were overcome throughout the contract resulting in the successful installation of the new mains and all buildings moving over to the new energy centre feed.

As installed drawings detailing each weld and joint
Alarm drawings
Expansion / foam pad drawing
Welding records
Jointing records
Alarm inspection reports
NDT test results
H&S records
Certificates of competency for each team member
Technical specification for each product utilised throughout the works
Maintenance / best practice guidelines for the network

As a result of the excellent feedback PPSL have gone to secure the contract for a new mains at Western General Hospital in Edinburgh with FES. 

We are fully Accredited

PPSL are proud to hold the following accreditations to demonstrate the high standards we uphold across all our projects




The installation of pre insulated pipess is a more complex process that many other utility services, and primarily undertaken in excavations. The very nature of these working conditions and the products means that upholding and working to audited and approved processes is always essential to ensure the projects we deliver for our clients are the highest industry standards by way of quality and H&S.